Should I get my ticket now? Yes, what are you waiting for???? 

Can I bring my kids? Yes, you can bring your kids (under 10) for free to Choice City Stomp, but only to the Moe's Original BBQ stage. 

Can I bring my dog? Nope, sorry... we are all dog people but we can't allow them in the venues. 

Hey, this is in Colorado... Can I smoke weed the whole time? No, what you do with your own time is up to you... but, you cannot smoke inside or on the property of any of the venues (including patios).

Where do we park? There is ample free parking in downtown Fort Collins. After 6pm on weekdays and all weekend, there is no time limit. Try the side streets a few blocks away from the venues... walking is good for you! 

Can I bring outside food or beverages with me? Not in the venues (even on the patios). Due to some issues last year, anyone caught bringing outside food or beverages on the venue properties will be kicked out.


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